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  • 48 hours

    in Kırşehir

    First Day

    On the morning of your first day in Kırşehir, start your day with a rich Kırşehir breakfast, featuring organic honey and butter, at Ağalar Mansion, one of the rare examples of Republican period civil architecture in Kırşehir.

    After visiting Kentpark, a lush green waterfront space with social and cultural activities, head to the Ahi Evran Complex and view the tomb of Ahi Evran-ı Veli, the organizer of artisans and craftsmen. Then, visit the Cacabey Mosque and Madrasa, built during the Seljuk period as the world’s first Astronomy and Space Sciences Research Centre, and observe its unique architecture.

    Go to the Kaman Kalehöyük Archaeology Museum, set on the historical Silk Road. The museum has a cultural heritage of 4,000 years, and exhibits more than 2,000 works to date, after 35 years of excavations. Savour the natural beauty of the Japanese Garden, the largest such botanical garden outside of Japan, next to the Kalehöyük Archaeological Museum.

    Conclude your first day with a dinner of local Kırşehir dishes.

    Second Day

    On your second day, enjoy breakfast with a view of Hılla Lake (Hılla Gölü). At a temperature of 19 degrees throughout the year, the lake has water lilies and multiple fish species.

    Visit the Broken Bridge Caravanserai, on the banks of the Kızılırmak River, and gaze at the architectural features of the bridge, including its 13 supporting arches, a magnificent crown gate and lion sculptures. The Broken Bridge, next to the caravanserai, held significant commercial importance in the Seljuk period. Here, you can see the traces of history and the beauty of nature at the same time.

    Go to the Mucur Underground City, featuring 42 rooms at a depth of seven to eight meters below the ground. The underground city was built to protect the area’s population in the 2nd century, during the wars and raids of the Roman period. Relax amid the natural beauty and peace of Mucur Seyfe Lake National Park, home to nearly 700,000 birds, consisting of 167 species, including flamingos. 

    End the day’s tour with a visit to the Kepez Underground City, which attracts attention due to its architecture and bicoloured soil structure.

    Enjoy hot thermal water in in one of the city’s thermal facilities in the evening.