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    Roses of Kırşehir

    Considered the queen of flowers because of its fragrance and beauty, the homeland of the rose is Anatolia and Central Asia. Kırşehir, also called Gülşehri (Rose City) has historically been known as the land of roses. Roses are found in almost every garden and are the subject of folk songs. Local people use rose petals in jam making.

    Spice Vendors in Uzun Bazaar

    In the historical Uzun Bazaar (Uzun Çarşı), which has served city trade for centuries, visitors can find a variety of spices that enchant the senses with aromatic fragrances and vivid colours.

    Kaman Walnut Cologne

    Produced in the Kaman district of Kırşehir, the local Kaman walnut is distinctive for its flavour and thin shell. It also has an exquisite scent when used as cologne. Kaman Walnut Cologne, produced from the shells and leaves of walnuts collected in season, is typically applied to the hands and provides a pleasant fragrance.