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    Thermal Springs

    The most prominent thermal springs of Kırşehir, a rich area in terms of thermal resources, are Terme, Karakurt, Bulamaçlı and Mahmutlu.

    In addition, 4- and 5-star thermal facilities serve visitors seeking to benefit from the healing waters of Kırşehir Hot Springs.

    Kaman Walnuts

    The world-famous Kaman walnut, identified with the Kaman district of Kırşehir, is a white walnut variety with a unique flavour; it has a thin shell that can be opened by hand.  

    The Kaman walnut is highly prolific compared to other walnut varieties. Since 1990, the Kaman Walnut, Culture and Art Festival has been held annually in the region.

    Onyx Stone Souvenirs

    Onyx, a semi-precious stone also known as veined agate, has layers of colours.  Identified with Kırşehir, onyx is generally used for souvenirs, decorative objects and in interior design with its limited production.

    Traditional Kırşehir Carpets

    The history of carpet weaving in Kırşehir goes back to the 17th and 18th centuries. During this time, carpets predominantly featured red, blue, brown, yellow, green, and white tones. Prayer rugs were among the most produced carpets.

    In the past, looms called gömme ıstar, with one end suspended from the ceiling were used for weaving Kırşehir carpets. Today, most carpets are woven on modern looms. 

    The pattern mainly seen in today’s Kırşehir carpets is called ‘model’ among the public. The model is woven by memory or by looking at other carpets. Wherever the motif is woven into the carpet, it is surrounded by a black border.